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I do not know Erica, have never met her, and NEVER passed judgment or even commented about her salvation, her relationship with God, her vocal contributions to the Gospel Music Industry, or her personal character.Yet, this article started off quoting MY comment as an attack.when SURELY there are “deeper issues.” While what I stated was seen as an attack, nobody saw the numerous videos that have been released to promote healthy self-esteem, beauty tips, fashion tips, or even the women’s conferences that did REAL outreach…providing clothing, shoes, and most importantly, JESUS.If a leader can not say that certain behaviors in the church are inappropriate, WHO CAN?Although it makes for “juicy discussion” it’s not the truth.The truth is, I am a woman, single, very content in my own plus sized figure.This woman and artist has a sure testimony and has nothing to prove to anyone.Male preachers get to look good and women look like frumpy. Get over it and let her live work and serve Jesus”#1 The intent of my posting was not to attack Erica at all.

We have to focus on our souls and not get caught up in the exterior of a person," she tweeted, defending Adams against critics. "Three years ago, it was Adams, 54, who defended Campbell who received some backlash for wearing a white hip-hugging turtleneck dress that accentuated the gospel singer's curves."I know for a fact that Mary Mary — because I've known them for years — they don't try to be sexual," Adams previously told Think Positive Magazine. Then, they'll talk about [that]."The gospel singer spoke about how she handles criticism by saying, "you have to take criticism with a grain of salt because you're never going to please everybody."After her Instagram photograph received some backlash, Campbell spoke about people recognizing their beauty in God."This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are," she told previously.

I expressed my concerns on my fb page that started out as a casual “lighthearted” discussion, but later exploded into comments that were so disrespectful they had to be removed.

It’s interesting that the same Christians that will defend a dress, WILL CURSE OUT A PREACHER who expressed concern.

I do not desire or lust for this woman or ANY women, as I am a woman of God who is waiting on my mate, THE MAN OF GOD.

#3 The comments here have blamed THIS as “why they don’t attend church, what’s wrong with the church, why they hate church folks…etc.

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