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This History of 8 Families may provide a foundation and glinting in it you might see the trace elements of every family on earth.

The long view is that my generation's most immediate ancestors, our grandparents or our great grandparents were born into three of the five great empires that in their time ruled the known world, British, French and [Hapsberg] Austro-Hungarian: the other two being the Ottoman and the Russian empires.

Four were Irish, two were German, one was French and one was of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It has where the families came from, when they left their homelands and where they settled in America, Australia and England.

When you read the Bender history and see my grandparent's cousins listed on the wall of St.

In preparation for the fast approaching global village, the rising generations of these eight families, as they jump out of the dull annals of history, where we are their barbarians, and ride across the stage of life in the 21st century with all the valor, gaiety and color of modern times should want to understand from whence they came.

In the last third of the 19th century, when over 90 % of all countries in the world were still ruled by sovereign monarchs, while Queen Victoria's England was at its height with the sun never setting on the British Empire, while again Ireland was being tested in spirit and for her very survival, there were five Mc Tiernan children born in the townland of Sheskin, one dying at birth, one staying in Ireland and three following the classic Irish example of the Wild Geese leaving for the far corners of the earth, Reading this means that you were born in the 20th or very early in the 21st century and more than any other period in history, we now possess a more dynamic archive of life in our time than ever before.

Nicholas, the Rettigheim village church as being killed in The Great War [photo] or in WW II [photo] history might come alive as you ask yourself, what might have been?

Reading about our twelve Bender ancestors that served and were wounded or killed in Napoleon's Army during his invasion of Russia in 1812, one of which made it home to die makes history seem real.

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Emigration on a grand scale, our ancestor's defining moment was the great idea.

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