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Continued from Part 8: Gosling creeps me the hell out.

There was a rumor that she was fucking Taylor Kitsch after True Detective II, they were seen eating breakfast together looking rumpled, but they could just as well been up late watching hockey.

She's cute but she does look like she's aging rapidly.

I did think they had split way before they were forced into making an announcement which may explain the separate residences.

Side notes: it's none of my business (obviously), but their daughter's names annoy me as they both share a name; what's the point of doing that?

More like Eva's people had TMZ on speed dial...-The obvious pap set up after she had one of the babies where she and Gosling were going on their first "date night" as parents at a restaurant in Hollywood.Some rumors on the previous thread that Selena Gomez was/is struggling with some kind of cocaine issue; any truth to that?She's admittedly been to rehab several times now, but only "officially" for "stress, anxiety, and depression"....I used to see Liev and Naomi on Bond Street every other day about 2.5 years ago. And when Naomi would enter a building, usually with kids after school, I noticed Liev would enter one further down the block closer to Lafayette the next time I saw him.Unless they own two flats on the street or something, I always felt this was so fucking strange. She's tiny and has aged facially like a weathered deck on Martha's Vineyard.

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