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I hope & pray that someday you will be paired with Park Shin Hye in a drama that has a different style and story. Just wanna comment on your movie "heartstring" mehn! He is good looking and is very popular with the ladies. I want to see you with park shin hye again,, i think that the best couple,, how about if you exchange with lee min ho in "the heirs". If im to rate the movie over 10% i'lld rate it 100%... Thank you for being a star, i can see you even though you can't see me.... His music (with his band CN Blue) is great to listen to, and his acting makes you fall in love with him more and more. so please ,please ,please, please visit my homeland and UK 4 SURE ... After that I saw Heartstring really ur smile was attractive sooooo cute.. I dono korean languge because im from India but still i like U.. I wish your carrier will always be success and also your group cnblue saranghae oppa fighting!!! I love all your songs specially the OST of your drama "Heartstrings" (Because I Miss You ), (You've Fallen For me). You are awesome now, and will continue to become "great" with the help or your fans, friends, and family. worst movie he was on was he's beautiful they could of pick someone else to play that character . 사랑해요 ~~ God Bless You forever I don't understand the fans ... I like all of yr songs geshh I wish I can meet you directly...loved you can't wait for your new drama series... just inform if you want another member of your band i am always waiting. God bless you always jung - Love Faizah here from phils ♥ Anneyong Jung Yong Hwa Oppa ! Hope I'll see you soon because I idolizes you in terms of playing guitar and also in singing. Not your fault, your acting is getting better each time. Thank God you are part of it, otherwise it will go down, way, way down below. I supported you as cold and haughty Lee Shin and leapt with joy as you found love. I ♥ You Forever :) And, if you ever get the chance, please visit Houston, Texas... all these films are just movies but you fan and you don't know how, then you can write and come up with ..course it is a pity that you cannot learn in life ...

i hope in the future you can make amazing song as always^^ keep fighting and keep dong what you like, aniki! the song you made will remain in our hearts forever... Haiii, I'm so happy to hear your songs....are awesome...thank you for giving such wonderful songs......if Korean is not my language i don't understand much but subtitles makes soo much thank you yonghwa you are the most handsome guy in my life... l love your songs and I love your acting although I was disappointed you denied dating your co-star in heart string coz you are so cute together ????? I received this film 'You are Beautiful' from a friend of mine one week ago. After I watched this film, I loved the acting done by actor Jung. I wish Jung to be able to get a better future as an actor :) Iam one of your fan..from india..though iam an indian,i watch korean dramas and films...first i watch u from you're beautiful..i search your songs and dramas...i watch many of them...i like u very much Jung yung hwa oppa i really like you i dont know why the first time i saw your picture ohh i cant understand myself i always thinking of you .. Like, the ones that remain collected and mysterious and don't smile often. Heartstring is the movie i never get tired of watching . I also wish you both get married , as you look so cute together. i keep on watching it and i really like you singing.. you are very handsome, of course, you knew that already, but your eyes are very kind, and genuine! I really liked the song but was very upset that the MV was so negative! Please, Please, Please do your best to be a positive role model for the next generation, you are in an amazing position..can either help or hinder. I really do enjoy your music and dramas, I look forward to seeing them all! Abigail I love that you guys going to Mexico I'm Mexican , American but I'm weird about you guy it's really dangerous it's been almost 10 years that we my family and I don't visit Mexico because all the crime in Mexico we use to go every Sumer it was awesome but now we are afraid to go well jest letting you guys know I'm weird about you guys if it was me I would not go but if you guys still going all prey for you and god bless my two daughter s are really big fans and that way I love your music your songs are awesome I think your really nice kids I love him...thank god he didn't take the role in the heirs it doesn't suits more a role in a boy next door type of drama....i hope he will be pair up again to park shin hye.... simply dhebakkkkk................................... Jung hwa,i came to know about you aftr wtchn hrtstrings.(my favourite drama).i like your voice is you are so talented.i am a these days korean tv series are very famous over here.i really love acting and plz carry on it.i wish u good luck:) hi! You're so cool, great actor and also a great singer... *throwhearts* your performance and acting is awesome ,(superb attitude) i really loved Korean drama first time after watching Heartstrings am became you fan, even i was not understanding korean language bcoz of you expressions only i understand I don't know why, but for every single K-Drama, although he is the main protagonist, I always fall in love with the cool, chill and emo looking guys. I hope you'll couple with Park Shin Hye and get married. I hope I can met with u, then I can give u a birthday cake and say "Happy Birthday" to you, and I give a gift for you:) Oppa i love your personality ,your talent in music & your acting . I hope we get to watch more movies of both of you together. ..i first saw you on heartstrings and i came to like you a lot..^_^ i hope you read this. I watched one of your music videos and was disappointed in the destruction and violence you portrayed with your band members. I feel like you could be an amazing role model for young men. i do hope that youll end up with lots of projects for ur career. and also continue writing songs coz i really like those of. that-mean-I-LIKE-YOU-&-I-LOVE-YOU-Soooooooooooo-much!

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and make everyone who hear can be smile and love it... the channel that this drama is airing has few viewers. You are very cute, its even better when you laugh n it is cuttest when you try n hide ur cute unproper canine teeth with your hand. Its midning n i along wid my eldr n younger sistr jst finished watching your movie. ...........i like you so much.........i love your voice..........your no.1 fan here in the Philippines....on composing good see you in!!!!!!!! Hope you will notice me one day, and say that you love me back. ^o^ I am a huge fan, and I just want to agree with everyone when they say you shouldn't get plastic surgery..are so handsome and so sweet, and your smile absolutely melts my heart.

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