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I guess the goal for those who deliberately have them removed is to have a sex change operation.

However, those who lost them to an illness say that they... I do not care whether it is done chemically or by elastraion and rubber rings.

The reason is because your Torchat instance is a hidden service that publishes a normal hidden service descriptor which anyone can download. If you want to cut off contact with someone, you have to get a new Torchat ID.

So you should be very conservative about handing out your Torchat ID and only give it to extremely trusted associates.

Tor Chat clients communicate with each other by using Tor to contact the other’s hidden service. page=torchat – MAC users Unfortunately at this time, Tor Chat does not run properly in Tails, so you will either need to run it on your Windows, Linux or MAC system.

This provides end to end encryption that we talked about in previous posts.

It provides cryptographically secure text messaging and file transfers for business dealings, and confidential communication between two people.

This is the standalone version of Blueimp's AJAX Chat.

If you are looking for a version to integrate with your forum, select a different branch.

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You can get Tor Chat for the i Phone in the Apple store, you can get Tor Chat in the Android Market as well, so you can even use it as a means of text messaging somebody else who also has Tor Chat.

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