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He gave his life to a barren desert valley that had been stripped of life by the Los Angeles irrigation system. A graduate of Holy Cross, his story is the stuff of legend. Crowley"-rises from the arid, mesquite-covered plain some 23 miles north of Red Rock Canyon State Park. Crowley died in 1940, killed while driving his ancient Ford along this lonely stretch of highway.

After a short run on the rails, the gourd was passed to the driver of a new 1938 Lincoln Zephyr.

Crowley has been cited in the book, Water and Power, by William L.

Kahrl, as one of the most influential advocates of tourism in an area desperately in need of economic development during the Depression years.

Webster '48 Alongside state Route 14 in the California high desert country, a stark memorial-a white, rust-stained cross made of plain metal pipe bearing the inscription, "Father John J.

My family had passed that simple memorial many times on our way to camping and fishing locales in the Eastern Sierra Nevada country.

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Further north, we had driven by Crowley Lake, which, I later learned, had been named for him.

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  1. Om de oppervlakte van een rechthoek uit te rekenen heb je twee gegevens nodig, namelijk de lengte en de breedte van de rechthoek (het is beter om de termen 'lengte en breedte' te vermijden, korte zijde en lange zijde is beter, dus dat doen we vanaf nu).