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Not only has this car all these unusual features of construction and convenience, but with them it has beauty. 56 WARREN STREET NEW YORK CITY ADDRESSING: — Envelopes, Postals, Folders or Wrappers Addressed by Hand or Typewriter. It is a fine car, and the price including all these features of value is 00. THE CRY MAY CAUSE ALARM BUT WITH THE PROTECTION OF AN "ACME" Fire Extinguisher THE DAMAGE IS AVOIDED WHERE USUALLY 100 GALLONS OF WATER ARE APPLIED. LISTS: — Mailing Lists Furnished for any Business or Profession in the World. No more cranking, no more bother, just push a button on the dash with your foot and away goes the motor. This car has a long stroke motor (434x534" developing 36-40 H. P.); four forward speed transmission; Bosch Dual Ignition; 36x4" tires; Con- tinental Demountable rims; Mercedes type honeycomb radiator; dash adjust- ment for carburetor.

Big, Powerful, Self -Starting Chalmers "Thirty-Six," 00 Think of a new high-power Chalmers car with self-starter as regular equipment for 00 !

Metal Polish To Every Reader of the WORLD ALMANAC This is an exceptional introductory offer to introduce my celebrated U. METAL POLISH, which carried away the HIGHEST AWARD AT THE WORLD'S FAIR 3 Ounce Box, 10c. The White is the pioneer long -stroke engine in this country — a type of engine that is generally adopted now by* the highest type of cars, because of the marvelous power developed while using so little fuel. SHSHSHSH5HSREH5H5H5H5ESH5HSH5H5HSESE5ESH5HSE5H5H sal! IF E5E5E5ESE5E5ESE5E5E5E5ESES25E5SSEHB5E5H5H5ESEEr BSS l J 1 J l I il i i J i j i f i r i j TJ J 1 J 1 T I JI n. ^1 i j L I ru ui i j i i\ ■u ji ■u j i u i j ■u JI II J p. There are hundreds of users in nearly every kind or description of business which you could name, and there is not a user in the whole list to whom we could not refer a prospect.

In making these state- ments we are not guessing, but have the proof from the owners themselves from every section of the country. The White Ifffli Company 882 East 79th Street, Cleveland XXXIV ! Probably the sale of White Trucks has been the most phenomenal ever secured by any concern in so short a time.

Further, the White line is complete, consisting of fifteen-hun- dred pound delivery wagons, ton-and-a-half, and three- and five-ton trucks, all with a standardized type of en- gine — a driver 'understands one White car under- stands all, thereby reducing your mechanical problem to its lowest terms.

" As to material, there is scarcely a nut or bolt in any White car that is not made of special steel alloy to make it better. All this not only means that the White Truck is well built, well designed, and economical to operate, but that it is so easy to drive, so easy to handle and so reliable in all its operations, that every purchaser gets results.

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