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There are many other features available for paid members so don't sit around thinking "what if" click the join button below and start contact other Xdressers from around the UK If you still need some convincing to join and place your own crossdressing personal advert, take a sneak peek at some of the currently active crossdressing members in the uk that have already joined us Very inexperienced 28 year old who is new to being a crossdresser in the true sense but have always liked trying on girls clothes.

But going back to the question: how do you like your cock sucked?

Sure -- many are just I'm-looking-for-a-Frot-buddy. But many others are strong statements by strong Men about the importance of true Man2Man sexuality and true Man2Man loving -- in their lives.

And, like I say, we're preserving those statements, and we'll continue to preserve those statements -- on Frot Club.

That’s the thing with cocksuckers, they love sucking. The first jet of spunk is the biggest and the longest. I don’t know how they manage to take it – but they always do. Saying that, quite a few cocksuckers like to keep as much of my spunk in their mouths rather than swallowing it straightaway.

Usually I stand while they’re doing it, with my hands resting on my hips, with them down on their knees sucking my horny cock like mad. Some of them open their mouths and show me – a foamy mixture of saliva and spunk.

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