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With no relatives nearby to watch my son, my dating life is restricted to Monday nights and alternate weekends.The schedule makes intimacy difficult and the dating (and mating) dance tends to be, well, not very easy. My friend and I were sharing a hotel room at a weeklong business conference.After a day of dry lectures and an evening of happy hours and conference socializing, we were tired, a bit tipsy, and slightly giddy.

Naturally, the topic turned to men and the atmosphere in the room began to resemble a slumber party. We sat side by side, swiping right and left, exclaiming with glee when we matched with someone. I had tried (and still use) other dating applications but the pool of men I had been meeting began to feel limited.

I didn't and we dated for a few more months but parted ways once we determined we wanted different things from a relationship. We matched on Tinder and he immediately asked me to dinner.

Our dinner, at a local restaurant specializing in all kinds of meat, lasted four hours.

When you’re dating in your 40s, there are pleasant surprises in store.

Sure, we’re more experienced than in our 20s, but we’re more open to new things, meeting new people, and reinventing ourselves.

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