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The people who I have shared it with are intrigued, never disgusted and after a quick fire of 2-3 questions, (usually: “how does it attach? ” and “Is there anything I shouldn’t cook when you come round? ) picture and saved it somewhere hidden on my phone. I mean, I suppose they knew they had sex guaranteed at that point (and obviously I have a dazzling personality…), but even if it did bother them, it wasn’t enough to not want to see me again. and that was to tell the truth, to 'come out' were the words i used.

I mean this woman was lovely - she smiled 24/7, clearly had a heart of gold and there was no colostomy question she did not have the answer to – but as a 22-year-old (let’s face it, pretty sarcastic and hardened) woman, with a world that had been turned upside down, naming the newly attached bag, “Something nice like Jo” and “thinking of it like a new friend,” did nothing other than make me hate it even more. My tummy is very full and happy 💕 All toppings are #glutenfreevegan - what more could you want? Also featuring my homemade buckwheat sprinkle that I'll be sharing the recipe up on my blog this week ✨ #notsponsored A post shared by Ash ☆ 22 ☆ Sydney (@appreciativeash) on If you want to test the water do small (and I mean minuscule!

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for me, this is the hardest thing i ever had to go through and i honestly hope and pray it's the hardest this illness will ever get for me.

over the past year and a half, i have had difficulty coming to terms with my bag.

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so the decision was made that i was going to need surgery, but first i had to have an MRI scan to see what the surgeon was going in to.

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