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Women continued to join the urban work force, and by the late 1980s, women made up at least 90 percent of the domestic work force and 36 percent of the industrial work force, according to labor union estimates.However, as with the rest of the world, women's wages were lower than men's even for the same job,positions normally held by women had long hours and few benefits,e.g.

At the insistence of its Women's League, the ANC accepted, in principle, the proposal that women should receive one-third of the political appointments in the new government.

It must be noted that both modern sexism and Christianity were introduced into South Africa by the ancestors of the British Diaspora.

20th century economic and political developments presented South African women with both new obstacles and new opportunities to wield influence.

Afrikaner religious beliefs, too, include a strong emphasis on the theoretically biblically based notion that women's contributions to society should normally be approved by, or be on behalf of, men.

The British diaspora tends to be the most liberal group, including on issues pertaining to gender roles.

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