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This group is for anyone who wants to post vids/pics of people cumming on their sister/daughter/niece's things ranging from panties and bras (doesn't matter if they're wearing them or not) to tooth brushes and sex toys.

I left Ty alone and went to do some of my house chores. I was getting turned on myself at just the thought. She also agreed if it ever became a possibility she would like to bed the mom herself.

He smiled shly and fidgeted with his wedding band.. I dropped my fork off the table because I am a spaz and he got an eye full.. I felt his worn experienced lips on mine and I swooned.. but I could feel a light twitch through his trousers... one full length and then letting off to lick the sides asking... I could tell he hadn't been taken care of in so very long as his rough hands start to tussle my hair and fidget with me more and more.. i watched your dick get hard and i know what you were thinking. i paused knowing i was about to cross into forbidden territory but i open it and went in, stan was hesitant. i told him i wanted this more then he could imagine.

His misses passed away 3 years ago but he still had a spark for her and it made me awe too. he kinda shook his head and chuckled it was cute he was warming up to me.. We get to the table and he pulls my chair at for me.. I was happy he looked (it doesn't have to be sexual fyi but if I can please daddy ... he smiled didn't say anything but I knew it was okay... he pulled back for a second, but I slid my hand up his thigh and kissed again lighter... I kissed him a little harder this time and asked if it was ok... taking the tip on my lipsticked lips my panties were soaking the seat... "does the feel good daddy..." his eyes just looked at me in a mix of shock awe and lust.. i told him i want you to totally let go, please remove all inhibition and reality and fuck me like you never fucked a girl before.

I wasn't wearing a bra as either as I love the freedom when I am home alone.

The cable guy was due to arrive anytime after 10 am and he arrived approx fifteen minutes after 10. I did as he said and I felt his tongue lick my ass then I felt him spread my ass and kiss my asshole. then he stood up and I heard him unzip his pants and remove them. He aimed his 8x6inch cock into my ass then I felt him opening my ass with his cock.

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So it's fathers day again and my daddy passed away years ago, so every year I usually post on facebook or abouts that I want to take a father out who has no one to take him out. I wanted daddy so bad but I had done so good I deserved a reward anyway.. as my hand slid down into my dripping panties and pussy soaked leather seat... she would turn or move and of course you could see right up her skirt.

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