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This approach ensures that only authorized users can read or modify files"), ("provides data security for desktops and laptops, making it possible for enterprises, workgroups, and individuals to protect sensitive information without changing the existing IT infrastructure or disrupting work processes. As of this writing, ("enables teams to securely share documents on file servers by automatically and transparently encrypting the files for fine-grained group access. If you were having error messages about "PGP memory page locking driver is not functioning correctly" after upgrading to Windows XP from Windows 9x, PGP needed to be reinstalled. Windows XP users having error messages about PGPsdk Service could use the relevant part of PGP 7.0 Annoyances.

Unlike the "i" builds, the ckt and "a" builds have not had the approval of NAI or PGP Corp., and there is controversy (but no apparent legal action) over the legality/appropriateness of their use. If your paranoia is strong enough, you may want to take into account that 8.0 is the first version produced by PGP Corporation, 7.1 is the last version before the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on the USA, 7.0.3 is the last version released before Phil Zimmermann (founder of PGP) left NAI, and 5.5.3 was the last version of PGP before it was purchased by NAI. Of course, most of us (including myself) are not capable of examining such source code. PGP 8.x products all functioned as the Freeware product until you entered the appropriate license number to activate the PGP Personal Desktop, PGP Workgroup Desktop, or PGP Corporate Desktop level of components. Because of the issue of royalty payments for the patented IDEA and RSA, these "Freeware" versions have emphasized the use of royalty free DH/DSS keys (and some emphasis on using royalty free CAST instead of IDEA).

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