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Asa rule, ft satisf; exhi W ■ l Ml Se -^ ption ing when the t^ness of Ifte Siv Tde f*rt Aa interesting featare of the meettafi was the races between dromedaries, fcney going r^esin twenty minute Another novelty was I *_ syces,* wfcmtheiu* P^cf Ound ,, 1H , ir _ the straggles for the long dlstan Sship of footmen dressed In their most pictor ;, vll . a sport concluded with a aweepstakes be tween donkey-hoys,- tl riy Egypttea c Mter _w Uh their donkeys, which i ighter.t _____ , , I ; , ^tanwqac myl*. PI7LATI09 OB i URO-TJ IF TEXAS OF EUROPE— THE FOIt- 37REET BEGGARS -I'ax. sojourner, disturbed I and dreams by a sound similar to that made i Ksarwnei prised, by oae resembling the ata and tremor-producing grunt Of the ambuscade heard die- lantly in the war-dance of the red-man, or by one hick* la the hearer of then loeonu putting forth its utmost, p , then one maybe sua ivhenoi sed his identity and k of ihe princes; com judges and other officials arrived with their families, some of whom entered the tent of 6he courteous Towflk, then the heir ap it Tl ere followed by otto 'NIK DO&KIf. Everything and ly gave way for these favoring and room m ■ made I i* i m in the carriage line.,_ IH WOIIEM FROM THE HAKEMB -T] ALMOST WAKED— YOUNG WOMEN )\ BATH] »fl CTH n OF THE KHALIG -CLIMATIC EFFECT ox KG ■ — mm COXES OF FOOD— AW STS- -THE PRATER M Till' DERVISH— HONOBTt CQ DEPARTED SHEIKS AND PS— THE GREAT RELIGIOUS FAST— the SPECTACLE OF Tin-: DOSEf L Cairo is mad.' up of the most heterogeneous population, sen from every quarter of the globe. Then the Khedive was looked for by the anxious throng, but he did not come, 1 1 was now near one o'clock in the afternoon, and the motley assemhlage in - -r i ^ -j ■ \jectaiicy gazed eity- •d down the avenue* Anon, was heard the cry of riii-s .-onie, tiny come !Tenor a dozen guests sat at each circular table They Mteen courses, beginning with son in a tur* .m which each one ate with a wooden spoon; turkey and meats followed, all carved and served with the rkht ha ml . Vl HMit the eighth course came the dew and then we be ,h t,» return to the place oi begmning. andapproached Parisian, Water and bowel • again brought in at the dose of the dinner: after that oofl : and then musicaud gossip beg) B lieutenant, dressed as a lieutenant-colonel (officers on each cm casions always dress in the beet they can borro anda tew groomsmen then departed for the mosque to e their prayers.On their return they marched tw 1 two,handi] •■ the music in Ihesalon as the bride oomenfcered striking up a tune so approprial tit anouldbe entitled "Behold : the bridegroom con H« a welcomed back, music and general rejoicing contin- uing.royal offspring is thus legitimized, fi herself freed and ex feo tin f a U ambition and hopes as princess and mistress overa harem. He was a 3 oung man whose friends had arranged a marriage for him with a- fair young lady of known family.90 T1IK Il.\ No* only is the institution intimately connected, as they ii, with their religion, but the koran furnishes the muesulman all hia ideas and rules of life, moral, social political. II.- had often seen her in her youth, and was told by his female friends, as is customary, ihai she was all his fancy pointed her, or thai heart conld d When the marriage had taken place and the reil was removed, behold ! of lb* Eta*- Major— Hatih his Sponsor— Ills Irksomeneaa under Restraint— 1« of a not Choi of a Soldier— Attention i ( ' ia An toward His Exghnese— Dtficrimii between 1" oca and K- iff Deprived of ( his Preroga- *£ Confide! Mto Advaj Spectacle pcan Giaiwea— The Royal be "- EUda— Tangoes— Ea rig" Scenes- Mm-.; rein— Mnious Iy Seized and Taken to — Workc da and Intrench -Colonel I .-rival — A * Hw Idea of I nae of the Paae— Fort at i ^mp— Block-House ftfl a Toy— How to Turn the Tables on the Enwn - V ■ ■■•■• ■ 250 ' • OTTEOT Pun — Duplicity anil Intrigan rs on the Lim pping up Tnuu^K' mala — Engl Mi Rxperoenoe— Ply— Di rvloo— Something il in ill Egyptian Chuniu U y mmc fo.

I sumptuous repast m L First came boys wit* ves- sels of water to pour on the hands, and with a towel to dry them.

The mothers of aearly a U the Khedivial princes— including Tow Jik, Hussein, Ha trfahmoi id became wives to [small Pacha only after Uj Ii.

il became mothers in one of his bar [nanj similar should there exis J alreadj the koran allowance of ir wives, il is onlj n to divorce one of thora — which La easily il- thoul a lawyer kerooro for the n. Qg an 1 ring the door-bell of a friend they are about visit- ing, they do not hesitate to take die veil ott, while wait- ing an answer, and expose their faces to the gaze of the stranger year by yearthe veil is becoming thinner, ormore transparent, and is gradually slipping down, e ing more of the upper part of the face. tha 1 t he proportion of the fa a thus eacpi oed is mensm by the i or vanity of the fairoi The custom bee very inconvenient sometimes, A private soldier once made complaint, in m; his commanding offleer, against a woman who had imposed herself on him.

Efeypl itself ■times called the IV of Europe, At the time 1 be of, the better • of Europeans were conneeted with the government, and generally dwelt in tl i;.h W This i art of the city added I y [smail Pacha, and biiilr | j n the Europe i fie. " Bushing along, with banners Hying, were three hundred oc more dervishes, heated, frenzied with excitement, who threw themselves al full Length upon the ground, side side am] H- ■ h beads toged bar, By-standersand Arab boys, in their faith ot ambition, vied with each other for a j Their faces down and upon their hands, there could be heard from the fanatics along the line only the muni-Hugs of prayer prayer without intei "La mail Allah" (There \s aogod bnt Gtod); hut not a motion of body or Jimb, save when an individual charged with rite nrrangemenl of the line, pulled a body this or the trary way, in order that its middle should, with that of other bodies, form an unbroken line. The miracle-performing Sheik, who had pi the nigh I and nomingin fasting and prayer, was now seen approach- , ushered along also by banners and many dervisl To the end of (she line these dervishes darted :md flung selves upon the ground.

Here m to Li-shaded avenues, running between rows of ed palaces, surrounded by tropical floral j keptg ant by the fountain's things] quite in contrast with, although teas interesting to istathan, the b part of the city, with its one or two ry rabble-stone and mud buildings, its nairoi dirt, and squalor. i long after this that women bom the ham blacks and beautiful Circassians— dressed in white, or the most flashing-colored silks, \y .1 led and with gl es, anklets with dangling bells, apj I in the pnl gardens Ka Jt Ues The native population of the cat} are commonly labor ers, or are connected with the markets and bazaars. Then followed the mosl degrading scene which has tned human eyes since type, the ear of Ju mint, crushed J...' ; beneath its wheels.

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This, certainly, would destroy the magnificence and grea J power for evil phr .

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