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She warned her daughter not to follow the same hedonistic path that she had trodden.

Heidi is now 32, and herself the mother of two children - son Jesse, one, and daughter Jaylie, five.

For more than 15 years Jo Jo lived the dream of millions of teenage fans who fantasised about dating a rock star.

She was stunningly beautiful and her perfect body always put her in pole position.

My brother Laine was born within a year of them getting together and I followed 11 months later. My earliest memories are of my eldest brother and I being surrounded by love and laughter."Even when finances were tight, she would find enough to see that we never wanted for anything.

To the rest of the world she might have been the ultimate rock chick, but to us she was just the best mum. "No matter what was happening in her life, we always came first.

But Heidi recalls: "We were always kept away from that sort of world.Whatever the motivation, at 17, as the Sixties drifted into the Seventies, Joanne La Patrie, as she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, moved to Los Angeles to work as a model and made the cover of Vogue.She often said the following three years passed in a blur of drugs, casual sex and alcohol.We were very close."She taught me to look after myself, making sure I learned to cook and clean the house. She didn't want me to lose my virginity until I was 18, and I didn't out of respect for her."Indeed, Heidi remembers a caring, if sometimes feckless, woman."We lived on a houseboat before Dad started making lots of money. She liked us to sit down to meals together, even if Dad was away on tour. She used to dress us up in colourful, fancy-dress costumes and we would role-play."Denny co-wrote the hit Mull Of Kintyre with Mc Cartney, and his new-found wealth enabled the family to buy Yew Corner in Middlesex, a house which had been A. Milne's inspiration for Pooh Corner in his Winnie the Pooh books.

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